Valerie Thomas the CEO and founder of Clay (Luxury Kids) formerly named Clay Bibs and Booties has always had a love for children’s fashion particularly boys fashion, in fact in 2012 when her oldest son was 2 years old, she was well on her way into the children’s clothing industry.
She was sick and tired of the lack of good fashion for infant, toddler and school age boys although after researching various clothing manufacturers and pricing for quality and unique apparel she then realized she unfortunately had to take a huge step back due to the financial overhead needing to be invested up front to get the clothing business started. After a few deployments divided between Valerie and her husband, overtime work between the two, and side jobs she loves to include: event planning, basketball camps/ coaching etc. she was able to save enough money to birth Clay Bibs and Booties/ Clay brand in honor of both her sons Caden (9), and Clay (2).
The journey began a whopping five years later when Valerie was still faced with limited styles of fashion for her now second boy, only now she was in a position financially to do something about it not just for him but for girls and boys alike! 
Clay Luxury Kids is a house hold brand focusing on boys fashion but still offering some of the most fashion foward and trendy toddler and school age girl apparel.
Our boys clothing is unique, functional, and fashion forward our clothes are ethically made using recycled cotton, and materials for every garment (s) designed/made. Clay also host a ton of other high quality brands to include: Freshly picked (sneakers), Tenth & Pine, Doe a Dear, Mini Swagg, ML kids, Candy Cuffs, ADU, Noahs Ark, Melissa, Superism, Yo Baby, Orcas & Lucille, Superism, Appaman, Mini Rodini and is steadily growing.
The Clay all boys line is set to launch its its Little Gents Fall "2019" line. All Clay products as well as hosted brands are tested and functionally equipped to meet the most recent child safety standards. Our packaging follows our recycle, reduce, re-use motto for we value treating the planet with care for generations to come. Please be sure to use the hashtag #claykids or #clayluxurykids on all social media handles for your chance to win discounts, free gifts and to simply stay in the know of the growing boys brand.